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The SPLOTbox

This WordPress Theme powers a site to build collections of audio and video content (termed “items”) where contributions n be…


It’s a SPLOT imitating Powerpoint? No! But with this new theme you n create rich media click through “slides” (they…

DS106 [Assignment] Bank

The DS106 Assignment Bank Theme is a WordPress Theme allows you to create and customize a site that has all…

TRU Sounder

It was not too much more to apply the principle of the TRU Collector as a media pool of images…

TRU Collector

The idea for this me from TRU Open Learning instructional designers Kelly Warnock and Melissa Jakubec. They were planning…

TRU Writer

TRU Writer offers a simple but elegant web publishing platform that lets visitors quickly publish full formatted and media rich…

The Daily Blank

The Daily Blank creates a site where you n publish a new challenge every day. The idea is we n…

The Comparator

The Comparator provides a front end for creating “before/after” image comparison- the images are stacked on top of each other….

SPLOTblame @cogdog • based on theme by Anders Norén

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